Device Training

With open and close systems

Our Devices

Training can be offered on the device of your choice

Aquanet APS 100

Aquanet EC-2000

Dual mode gravity and pressure device with APST and dual sanitation.


Can support open-style or close-style colon hydrotherapy treatments.

Aquanet APS 100

Aquanet APS 100

Advance pressure mode with APST and dual sanitation.

Highest Quality

All Our devices are Certified


Training can be offered on the device of your choice

2 Days Device Training

For Health Professionals

2 Full day course

Study material and internship

3 Day intensive

Study material and internship

Comprehensive theory and safe practice of Colon Hydrotherapy

Device training and practice

This course is design for health professionals with anathomy and physiology knowlodge


We Can Design Any Course For your Needs

Update skills

At your place, for your team needs

Medical professional device training for colonoscopy prep

Let us know what you need we will make it happen

 courses can be in person or partially online. Practicum is required to be in person.

Device Training alone will NOT complete I-ACT Certification Requirements. You may join I-ACT as a Member Only and then complete the additional hours of I-ACT training requirements at a later date. (I-ACT, International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy)


Our Instructors

Our instructors are certified by the International Associations for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT)

The highest level of education

Sofia Reis

I-ACT Instructor